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Behind the Brand

The ROYAL MOROCCAN® company established in 2009. the reason - we saw several necessities in the hair-care business we tried to answer with the establishment of Royal Moroccan.
lack of high quality treatment brands combined with a wide variety of products. we try to focus on the salon's needs in today's ever changing enviroment while keeping the quality on the best level in the business.

Our Mission – trying to answer to the spectrum of needs the hair dresser and salons have.
Salons are no longer need to buy shampoo of one brand and styling cream of another…

Our research team has been developing and testing exceptional products to create an exceptional result... Healthy, Beautiful Hair.
By getting everyday feedback from our customers and because of the uniqe combination of natural ingredients like argan oil and linen oil,
our chemists developed the best hair treatment products for stylists and their clients.

at ROYAL MOROCCAN®, our goal, now and at the future, is to continue to formulate an extraordinary additions to our line for

Forest conservation and anti-animal testing
We do our best to give the best - but not on our planet expense.
Our products not tested on animals and will never do.
Look for the "checkmark-and-tree" logo of the FSC on our packages.

No Animal Testing